On which bases?

Research And Development

The Finnish Work Environment Fund primarily supports applied research projects, the results of which can be utilized for the development of improving the work environment and (industrial) production as well as the overall development of working life.

The Fund also supports training and education activities and the providing of information, the purpose of which is the production and dissemination of new and generalized information about: working life, the working environment, the research and development activities of research methods as well as information about the Fund's results.

Companies which have a legal duty to insure against accidents, local authorities, research institutions,universities and other institutions may apply for grants.

Development Grants

The development grant is meant for the practical application of ready research information. The aim is, the development of improved working activities, improved productivity and improved safety at the applicant's workplace.

Grants are available for projects which aim at finding, based on research information, alternative solutions, for example, to workplace problems, to the development of working conditions, to the carrying out of safety analyses, to the improvement of work and productivity methods as well as to the improvement of product safety.

The development grants can be applied for, by employers who have a legal duty to insure against accidents, by local authorities and by small and medium sized companies together. The projects must include also representatives of employees. The consultant who carries out the practical application of the research work must be familiar with the researched sector. Also, the person who carries out the application work can not be in a permanent employment or principal-contractor relationship with the applicant.

The application must be submitted to the Finnish Work Environment Fund before the project commences. The Finnish Work Environment Fund assists in the planning of the project and in the preparation of the application.

The grants are allocated so that, the achieved results of research projects, which belong to the Finnish Work Environment Fund's area of activities, can be applied in practice at the applicant's own individual workplace. The consultant who carries out the practical application of the research programme's results must be from outside the workplace. The grant covers half (3 500 – 35 000 euros) of the person's fees and travelling costs.


The scholarships are meant for private persons who are carrying out individual research and development work or who are completing up-dating and further post-graduate training and education or for persons who are participating in international seminars and educational events.

With regard to the participation in international events, preference is given to younger researchers and to persons who have shown a special interest in the development of work, the working place and the work environment.