The Finnish Work Environment Fund

Established in 1979, the Finnish Work Environment Fund derives its mandate from the Finnish Work Environment Fund Act and the Employment Accidents Insurance Act.
The Finnish Work Environment Fund provides funding for research, development and dissemination of information aimed at promoting safe and productive working communities.

The Fund is administered by labour and employer organisations, and its assets originate from statutory accident insurance premiums. The Fund's operations are supervised by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Mission of the Finnish Work Environment Fund

Awards allocated by the Fund are aimed at benefiting employers who make statutory contributions to accident insurance, as well as their employees. Activities financed include workplace research and development to produce insights and methodologies applicable to improving working environments and advancing the safety and productivity of working communities. The Fund also provides funds for training and dissemination of information within its sphere of operation.

Support for workplaces

The financial support for research and development provided by the Finnish Work Environment Fund allows workplaces to actively enhance occupational safety and health, and thereby the quality and productivity of work. Apart from creating new knowledge, the projects financed cover a wide range of ventures involving utilisation of knowledge and the development and practical application of methodologies.

Projects eligible for funding

Projects to be considered for funding must have novelty value. The Finnish Work Environment Fund does not provide funds for organisations’ ordinary, statutory activities.  The results of the funded projects must lend themselves to extensive utilisation.

The Finnish Work Environment Fund

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