Types of awards

The Finnish Work Environment Fund provides funding for research and development projects aimed at improving working environments and promoting safe and productive working communities.

Research and development projects

Research and development awards are intended facilitate the creation of new, applicable knowledge through scientific inquiry, the development of new methods and concepts through productisation and the application of scientific research findings with the aid of development grants.

Research - for production of new knowledge

Research awards are granted to support such endeavours within the Fund’s sphere of interest as are undertaken with a view to producing new knowledge or develop new methods through scientific research.

These awards can also be granted to projects aimed at research-based improvement of organisational performance or solution of workplace problems.

In order to receive funding, the output of the scientific research and development work should be envisaged to have wide-ranging significance for Finnish workplaces.

Productisation - for conceptualisation of existing knowledge

Productisation awards are aimed at projects that draw on existing knowledge to set up novel, innovative expert services or modes of operation. Emphasis of the conceived concept is on interprofessionality and applicability of the research findings to work and employment in Finland.

A productisation project provides opportunities for practical development projects and processes to be piloted in workplaces with the support of a development grant from the Fund.

The development of a concept must involve end-users whose viewpoints should carry significant weight in the process.

Development grant - for innovative enhancement of working communities

Development grants help workplaces in hiring outside expertise. These grants can provide workplaces with targeted support for dealing with key sore points and development issues. A development grant covers half of the remuneration and travel expenses of the outside expert.

Training and information projects

Training and information awards made by the Finnish Work Environment Fund are aimed at stimulating the utilisation, dissemination and popularisation of new research findings on work, employment and working conditions. Awards are made in instances where the research findings can be extensively utilised in Finnish workplaces.

For dissemination of research findings:
    Communication product
    Method for training and learning
    Conference and seminar
    Public information campaign and project-specific communication


Scholarships awarded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund are aimed at promoting the production of new research data on work and working conditions, supporting the further qualification of researchers and assisting the education of new generations of research scientists.

The Fund provides five types of scholarship funding:
    Travel scholarship
    Scholarship for finalising a thesis
    Postdoctoral scholarship
    Other scholarship